Simplify multi-chain cryptocurrency management

ZebraWallet is a decentralized multi-chain cryptocurrency mobile APP.It supports public chains like BTC, ETH (ERC 20), BCH, EOS, LTC and XRP.It is designed to provide a safe and secure, easy-to-use and powerful wallet application for the average user to manage their cryptocurrency assets.

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DApp browser

Massive DApp capability, closed loop capacity

Seamlessly connect a huge number of decentralized applications. Let each application map to the wallet address and close the ecosystem loop in its entirety.

Co-management, added security

Multiple private keys and mnemonics functionality. Transfer must be confirmed by two or more people, effectively preventing asset loss.

Union Wallet

Multi-chain assets, easy to manage

A set of mnemonics to manage multi-chain assets and support multi-language switching, making complex mnemonics easier to record and remember.

Cold wallet and hot wallet, double insurance

Cold wallet offline creation management, hot wallet browsing for asset changes. Transaction process requiring mutual authorisation, double insurance.

Cold Wallet

Fast exchange lowering the threshold

Quickly replace the same chain and cross-chain assets, reduce the use of thresholds, one-click operation, multi-currency support.

Live market updates and quotes, real-time control

Real-time market data for multiple exchanges, real-time information updated directly to the app.



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To download ZebraWallet, tap here and then ”Open in Browser”